A one-off cost to bring you onto the full platform. You'll no longer need additional plug-ins and there are no monthly subscription charges, giving you a far healthier bottom line. OurProperty
Setup, Onboarding
and Training

Set up, Onboarding & Training Includes


20 personalised Zoom sessions with your automation specialist


Data connection and data import for 1 database


Data audit and report for data cleansing


Tradie onboarding assistance (for your top 10 tradies)


Compliance data import


24/7 access to the OurProperty Online Training Academy


Management of standard communication pieces for Payments
Trades 2% fee (paid by tradies) capped at $20 per invoice. Your office can adopt a 5% fee and we rebate your office 3% at EOM.
SMS Charge 12c per fully populated and automated SMS sent
Maintenance Outside Platform 50c per invoice managed via OurProperty but invoiced outside of platform
eSignature $1 per document bundle regardless of the number of signatories. Includes automation, populating data, sending, retrieving, notifications and document filing.

Total - $2,950

This is a one-off cost, there are no monthly subscription charges to use the OurProperty platform