Ewan Morton
Joint Managing Director - Morton
"There are a lot of technology options available to property management businesses in the current environment. We felt OurProperty offered us a way forward, bringing all technologies together in one solution that would really assist our property managers serve our landlords and tenants. It also allowed us to implement a solution module by module, making the change management process a lot less complicated and simpler to manage."

What a property manager's day looks like with OurProperty

Join the A-Team of agencies already using OurProperty to increase their rent roll, automate their business, and pave a new future for property management.

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Access your entire rent roll at the click of a button

The Client Hub allows you to bring up a detailed overview of an entire management in one screen showing property, landlord, tenant and tradie cards for that management.

Manage everything from The Centre

Run your day from The Centre a task-driven dashboard that gives you the low-down on everything that has to be done each day.

Collect rent on time with less effort

Manage the whole client experience on one platform

Manage your clients’ journey from marketing to viewings, applications, management agreements, vetting, leases, bonds, deposits, payments and beyond.

Trusted by the best

We work with some of the most progressive businesses in Australia, see how we have transformed their business.

What did OurProperty do for their business?

Case Study

  • Increased profitability with margins over 53%
  • Arrears dropped immediately to under 1% and remain under 1% consistently
  • Inspections are now completed by 2x inspectors for 1,600 properties
  • Compliance is fully automated, 100% compliant and up to date
  • Since OurProperty, the office doubled their rent roll and still only have 2x full-time maintenance staff
  • Lease Renewals was a full-time role, now it’s obsolete
  • Payments was the most dramatic change in cost and revenue
  • Saved wages of $100k immediately
  • Saved $50k a year on BPay fees