OurProperty is a privately held company registered in Australia with the majority shareholdings held by the founder and CTO, and interests associated with a highly respected and award winning Queensland based Real Estate business.

The senior IT management team is based here in Australia, with a large development team offshore that has worked with the product for a number of years. There is also an app development team based in Europe. All IP ownership and control resides in Australia.

RackSpace hosts your data, it is stored in Australia and backed up to servers in both Europe and America.

Yes. It’s very secure, much more secure than when it sits in your office server. We have a weekly independent data audit by Citec.

There are 5 levels of support available to users ;
1. Through the on screen user interface help bubble
2. Via email
3. Via phone to the help desk
4. Through the on-demand training and support library
5. Through your Client Manager

When the OurProperty team on board your staff we will be going through a range of on demand training sessions that all have evaluation checks to ensure full understanding. Your Onboarding team and Client Manager will ensure that everyone is up to speed, and that you’re kept in the loop.

No problem! We have a huge on demand library of training ‘how to’ video’s that will take your new staff member through every process and workflow they need.
We are also happy to spend one to one time with them via zoom to ensure they understand the system and how to maximise the benefits to your office.

It depends on your arrears position and other management issues, but as a rough ballpark figure we assume 150+ sms’s ($20 cost)/100 properties/month. Given that the sms’s auto populate, send and file, it saves you a huge amount of labour cost, so the end result is a very positive saving in real terms.

Your consumable charge is only $1 per document bundle. So a lease renewal is $1 to have sent, signed, returned, and filed. If you currently print and manually handle all these process you are saving a fortune – probably well over $20 per lease renewal.
If you are using esignature through one of the REI’s and Docusign then you’re saving at least 50% in direct signature costs plus the saving in the way the OurProperty forms auto populate and file.

Very realistic, we consider it a failure on our part if you don’t hit this benchmark. Most of our clients hit the mark well within the first 6 months and our On Boarding and Client Service teams will help you every step of the way to make sure it happens.