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I’ve had a look at the OurProperty suite of products, and I’d like you to onboard our office!

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    Training options

    OurProperty provides comprehensive training resources and 20 face-to-face session with one of our Trainers via Zoom as part of the standard setup fee, along with set up and review of a single database. Set up with 10 of your top tradies is also covered. Additional training options may be selected below. All prices are ex GST.

    Access to the OurProperty suite of products is free. Only consumables, such as e-signatures and SMS are charged. Check out our pricing page for full details, including SMS costs.


    Additional in-office training, trust databases and training options may be selected below and will be invoiced after consultation and confirmation with your onboarding specialist. (Additional incidentals and travel ex Brisbane will be invoiced for in-class training. All prices ex GST)


    Please choose a billing method to pay your setup and training fee. Additional options will be invoiced upon confirmation of options chosen.

    If you require support please reach out to us on support@ourproperty.com.au