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OurProperty October 2019 Update

There’s a lot happening in the world of OurProperty, so we’d like to give you an update of all the enhancements we’ve been making this month. Our CTO, Russell, and the team are working hard to provide an even better system, making significant weekly improvements.

As our valued client, we’ll be sending you these updates every month.  Should you have any questions or feedback on the updates, our support team will be happy to help.

Here are October’s improvements;

Reminders are Now Working in The Centre – Making Rescheduling and Follow-Up Easier

You don’t need to set reminders in an external calendar or any other legacy system. The Centre’s rich set of features will soon also get a boost from some great enhancement suggestions you have made.

See pics below;

Reminders screen Steps:

Click the Calendar icon at top right of page and enter details as required.

Landlord App is Ready and Working

The much sought-after Landlord App, OurLandlord, is ready! The app can be downloaded from the Apple and Google Play stores. This new landlord app allows landlords to access the portal on their phone without having to go through a browser. Landlords won’t have to log in every time they need to use the portal and notifications will now be pushed to their phone.

The download links for this app are below:


Inspection Charging Now Automated

Agencies now have automated charging for routine, entry, exit, landlord attended, video walkthrough, and landlord virtual inspections. Each type of inspection can trigger a fee associated with it, which your agency can determine.  This makes it impossible not to charge a landlord for an inspection anymore.  We find that many agents don’t remember to charge landlords, so this function has the potential to make a big difference to your bottom line.

Lease Attachments – Completely Paperless Lease Packs

You can now attach documents to leases that will be sent to the tenant with their lease offer or their completed lease document. PDFs are the preferred file. This will remove the need for printed lease packs, which will certainly save a few trees!

Note: When attaching files make sure they aren’t too big in size, and try not to attach too many at once – tenants don’t like having to download large files or lots of them.

How To Steps:

  • Open the Lease Settings by clicking on House > Lease > Settings
  • Click on the Lease Details tab and scroll to Lease Default Extra Attachments
  • Enter the File Title
  • Enter the File Details for easy reference later
  • Choose the Action

This will tell the system when to include the specific document. You can chose more than one option by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard whilst selecting your options.

  • Click Submit each time
  • Once all documents are loaded make sure you click Save at the top of the page

Vacancy Reports have Additional Data and Accuracy

We have addressed all the issues with this report and have added more data and accuracy. There are now additional fields in the vacancy report and updated vacancy stats in the principal report with tool tips. 

How To Steps:

  • From the Dashboard click Reports > Vacancy Report

Future development will allow you to filter and have statistics within this report.

The Centre Links

Each component in The Centre now links to the appropriate module and page of OurProperty.  This means PMs can drill down and complete the tasks enumerated in the graphs.  For example, if it says you have 6 calls to make, you can click the link and see the prompts to each. This means that all the daily tasks can be seen on the dashboard.

Combined User Report – Creating a Single Contact

A report can be produced to show contacts who we have assumed are the same user combined into a single contact in OurProperty.  This will solve the issue of shared emails as property managers can determine if landlords are the same entity or not.


You still have the ability to split the contact as well.

Water Report Cutting Confusion around Payments

Users can now pull a report that shows all the available information on water payments and invoicing in an exportable format.  This can be used to send specific messages to landlords and/or tenants and cuts all the confusion around payment/efficiency etc.


The automation of those messages remains.

For webinars on many topics, please go to https://help.ourproperty.com.au/webinars

Until next month!