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No more manually managing your arrears – a fully automated system that works off your pre-set criteria to give you best case results, every time. Full access to all metrics of your KPIs, detailed records of all activity, and notifications and prompts whenever your intervention is required. Industry best practise reporting, and all the detail filed so it’s smooth sailing if you end up at a tribunal hearing. The perfect system to get your arrears down and keep your sanity!

“… incredibly time efficient and a life saver …”

– Grace Duce, North South Real Estate

Other apps and products claim to offer arrears assistance, but only OurProperty handles every aspect of the process and provides a real solution. Click below to learn more about the Arrears Module at OurProperty Academy.

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Key Features

  • Sent

    A record of all arrears
    notifications sent to tenants,
    with the option of recording
    notes and progress on the

  • Metrics

    An ongoing record of
    property manager activity,
    covering key performance
    indicators such as calls
    made and letters sent, as
    well as graphs detailing
    arrears percentages.

  • Reports

    An overview of arrears
    status, detailing matters
    such as days spent in arrears
    and amount owed.

Key Products

OurProperty provides a sophisticated cloud-based system that automates every step of the
property management process to make your job easy. Below are some of our key features.

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